Who can work on the finca?

You should be interested in and enjoy working outside, for example

  • agricultural activities such as weeding, hoeing, ploughing, removing climbing plants, working in the vegetable garden, tree care, irrigation, etc.;
  • smaller construction projects: building or repairing natural stone walls, restoring water depots, renovating huts, fortifying paths, renewing stairs, etc.:
  • caring for chickens and turkeys and
  • of course, kitchen work and much more.

Variaty of activities

Working on the finca is so attractive because the activities are so varied. There is always something new to learn, to experience, to try out. So a visitor should also be open to new things.

The working hours depend on the season. Roughly speaking, we can say that we work along with the daylight. In the hot season, we have a longer siesta after lunch. One day a week is free of work.

The food mostly vegetarian

The food is mostly vegetarian. As far as possible, we are self-sufficient, using the harvest from the finca’s gardens.

If you want to work on the finca, you may not be dependent on alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

In general there is no coffee and no alcohol on the finca.

Life on the Finca is simple, natural and frugal.

There is no Wi-Fi, but you can usually receive mobile data. However, most of the cafés, restaurants etc. in the village have Wi-Fi.


Accommodation is in a small room with bed, desk and storage for clothes. There is a general shared bathroom.

Voluntary work

Since the Humanitao Foundation is a non-profit foundation, the work is voluntary, i.e. without remuneration.


Food and accommodation are free of charge.
The duration of a stay should be at least two weeks.

Internship – orientation period

You can also do an internship on the finca after consulting with the foundation.
Several times, students have stayed on the finca as an orientation period once they finished their final school exams.

Prerequisites for collaboration

There are several prerequisites for working on the finca: You have reached the legal age of consent, are responsible for yourself and have health insurance (international health insurance).

The main language of communication on the finca is German, but English and Spanish are also spoken.

One of the aims of the foundation is to promote international understanding, so people of different nationalities are welcome.

The airport of arrival is Málaga. There is a bus transfer from the airport to Marbella, and from there, you will be picked up by an employee of the finca.

If you would like more information and would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to write to us at

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