On this page we would like to let you participate in our life on the Finca and give you an insight into the daily work that is done during the year or into what is done on larger projects. In addition, our animals also offer plenty of storytelling material.

Hot Composting

Spring 2023
In April, we set up a new compost pile. We would like to produce compost rich in species with many…
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Pure Creativity!

October 2022
Take time out and unwind for a week on our finca creatively. As in the past, this year the popular…
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Pure soap!

October 2022
Fragrant soap – how wonderful it is! It delights the senses and is a millennia-old cultural asset. Jutta has been…
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Vegetable garden

Summer 2022
The vegetables in the finca garden were no longer growing properly. For several years there were difficulties here and there,…
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Pomegranate Harvest

October 2021
We have lovingly cared for one of our pomegranate trees in recent years – freed it from creepers and pruned…
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Summer at the Finca

June until September 2021
In May the garden vegetables were planted, and now we are tending the plants: The tomatoes are tied up, weeds…
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March until May 2021
From March to May, we were busy with the so-called spring work on the finca. Tree cuttings were collected and…
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Sweat lodge

February 2021
Despite Corona restrictions, we feel very free on our finca as we have everything we need to live. This includes…
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Winter vegetables

January 2021
Fennel, beetroot, various types of cabbage and lettuce could be harvested. Our own oranges and lemons provided the necessary vitamins,…
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Yuccas – the next step

December 2020
We had already reported about the yuccas here in September. Many of them were getting on in years, they had…
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Natural stone stairs

November 2020
Behind the house a large natural stone staircase leads to our water depot. Over time, it had become outdated; roots…
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Pure creativity!

October 2020
Creative seminar The highlight of the month was the creative seminar, which took place from 12 to 17 October. Every…
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September 2020
Vegetable harvest This month we were able to harvest cucumbers, aubergines, peppers, courgette, pumpkin and tomatoes. The harvest of summer…
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August 2020
Vegetable harvest In the summer months we have a rich harvest, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, pumpkin and above all tomatoes.…
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July 2020
Our finca, which is part of the non-profit Humanitao Foundation, is often supported by volunteers. Just now, during the summer…
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June 2020
The irrigation period begins in early June and usually extends well into September. The hoses, drippers, nozzles and moving parts…
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Spring works

May 2020
The month of May is the time of the so-called spring work, which means that the irrigation hoses from all…
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April 2020
In April the final work on our water depot was completed. A new pump was installed in the new pump…
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March 2020
After some suggestions and careful consideration we decided to buy a shredder suitable for our purposes. By chipping the wood,…
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February 2020
In the garden we have sown approx. 50m2 barley and alfalfa, also 50 kg sheep pellets were included. Our little…
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January 2020
Also this winter, some avocado trees were pruned strongly again. If it can be arranged, we will choose days that,…
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