October 2022

Pure soap!

Fragrant soap – how wonderful it is! It delights the senses and is a millennia-old cultural asset.

Jutta has been making her own soaps for some time now, using only natural and high-quality products. Our skin thanks us – as she knows from her own experience.

She was asked if she could pass on her knowledge of soap making in a seminar. And so we had two Saturdays in May and October on which Jutta stirred soaps with interested people and passed on her knowledge. First, a basic soap was stirred using olive oil as a base ingredient. This soap is ideal for skin care as well as for hand washing. It can also serve as a basis for a homemade detergent. This is very inexpensive to produce, and burdens neither the wallet nor the environment.

In the afternoon we stirred a high-quality shampoo soap by combining six different oils, refined with essential oils. The soaps made were divided among the participants, and after about six weeks of aging, the soaps are ready for use.

The next time we will have the opportunity to stir soaps under Jutta’s guidance will be in February.

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