October 2021

Pomegranate Harvest

We have lovingly cared for one of our pomegranate trees in recent years – freed it from creepers and pruned it. This year, it bore a rich harvest. We prepared delicious and healthy pomegranate juice from the fruits with our juicer.
Now, the first avocados and lemons could also be harvested. Also the different kinds of cabbage and chayote are ready for harvest.

Rainwater drainage gutter

We had a large drainage channel built with an excavator since the water floods uncontrollably in some places during heavy rain and can cause damage.

Wooden hut

One of the wooden huts in which we can accommodate finca guests had to be put on stone feet because the termites helped themselves to the wood, which is was repeatedly exposed to moisture. We had already rebuilt our other huts in previous years, and this has worked out well. In this month we were able to set the walls and pour out the concrete floor. In winter we will finish the hut.

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