January 2020


Also this winter, some avocado trees were pruned strongly again. If it can be arranged, we will choose days that, according to Maria Thun, are best for the trees during this pruning. We have made good experiences with this in recent years. After this rejuvenation, the trees will be vigorously budding again. Since they are also much lower afterward, the harvest in the coming years will be much easier.
The sawn timber is then processed into firewood; the rest will be burned.

The water depot

Last summer we restored our aging water depot. We saved the work on the interior for the winter, as we had to drain the water and provide another water supply for the house. Now in January all the conditions were perfect and we were able to restore the interior (e.g. filling cracks) and then paint the walls and floor with a waterproofing material.

Lotta and Bandido

Our little dog Lotta was, when we adopted her a year and a half ago, very eager to win our cat ladies Leoni and Lady Gaga as playmates. But her efforts were not well received at first. To her delight, a stray tomcat approached at this time, probably attracted by the regular food for our pets. Because of his brazen food raids we called him Bandido with a smile. Both quickly discovered their friendship and soon became soulmates – except when it comes to feeding.

Meanwhile Lotta could also wrap Lady Gaga around her little paws – outside feeding times, of course.

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