February 2020


In the garden we have sown approx. 50m2 barley and alfalfa, also 50 kg sheep pellets were included. Our little dog princess Lotta likes the freshly sown field so much that she likes to run around on it. Let’s see what effect this has on the germination process when the moist top layer of soil is moved from time to time.

At the end of February we planted 5 kg potatoes. The soil was not worked very deep and about 20 kg of sheep pellets were added. For each potato piece we gave a small heap of earthworm humus.

Problems with the water supply

A few days ago our water supply failed, the so-called ‚Benito water‘ dried up. So we had to pump the water up the 70 meters of altitude difference from the creek with a high voltage pump. This helped us at first, but then the domestic waterworks stopped working. Only after several tests the fault could be found. The pressure switch jammed at irregular intervals. After it could be replaced, everything ran normally again. Also the ‚Benito water‘ flowed normal again.

Sweat lodge day

With this wonderful weather we had a sweat lodge day a few days later. This is always a special occasion for us. Directly after breakfast, a fire is lit at our fireplace by the stream, where the large pebble-shaped stones are heated for several hours. Meanwhile we prepare our sweat lodge – a hexagonal low, small stone cottage that evokes a Mongolian yurt. We designed and built it ourselves many years ago. We have deepened the natural pond, which is always filling up with sand, so that we can easily dive into the water after sweating. The sweating itself is wonderfully relaxing and we all find it more intense than a normal sauna session. We covered the floor of the sweat lodge with sand, which some people use to rub themselves off while sweating – a natural peeling. So some people look like earthmen when they come out of the hut. Afterwards we go into the wonderfully cool and refreshing creek. Afterwards we like to lie down on the lawn and enjoy relaxing in the warmth of the sun under a blue Mediterranean sky with the murmur of the stream in our ears. Of course there is always something delicious to eat afterwards.

Avocado harvest

On a beautiful warm, sunny day we harvested the ripe avocados. Some friends had come to support us.

Our cats and our dog were very happy about the visit, as they were provided with plenty of treats by our friends.

Rain at last

At the end of January it finally rained heavily for a few days, we could ‚harvest‘ about 140l. We were very happy about this, because the winter had been very dry so far. The rain is urgently necessary for the plants and to fill up the underground water reservoirs. But after this short wet and cold intermezzo the temperatures rose again. The almond trees, which had already begun to flower from mid-January, took advantage of the humidity and the subsequent warmth and blossomed more abundantly and longer than in previous years. With their rich colours and wonderful fragrance, they are the first messengers of spring.


On several days we processed the sawn wood that had been produced by the vigorous pruning of the avocado trees. It was sorted by size, the larger ones for firewood, the smaller branches for the chipper.

Until now the wood was burned, but now we decided to buy a shredder to bring these smaller branches back into the natural cycle instead of burning them.

Our animals

Our animals are all well. Our little dog Lotta and the stray tomcat Bandido are as always very good friends. But Lotta has to do without her playmate more often in the last few days, because he, following his spring feelings, visits the cat ladies of the near and far surroundings.

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