May 2020

Spring works

The month of May is the time of the so-called spring work, which means that the irrigation hoses from all trees are rolled up and put aside. Then all the terraces are worked with the motor scythe, which cuts the weeds grown in winter into small pieces. The next step is to work the cut weeds into the soil with the motor hoe, thus loosening the soil on the surface. Afterwards the sheep manure can be spread under every tree. Finally, the final tillage is carried out, which loosens the soil 15 to 20 cm deep. Since it won’t rain in our latitudes from now on, the soil remains loose throughout the summer, thus protecting the subsoil from drying out. Finally, all irrigation hoses are rolled out again.

Salad in abundance

In May we could harvest lettuce and romaine lettuce. The harvest was so rich that we even partially cooked the lettuce and consumed it like spinac.

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