July 2020


Our finca, which is part of the non-profit Humanitao Foundation, is often supported by volunteers. Just now, during the summer holidays, some friends who have felt connected to the finca for a long time have come again. This way, work could be done which is not part of the normal work on the finca and is best done by many hands.


Several pines that had to be felled last year were processed into firewood. The firewood supplies for the coming winter for the Marbella Yoga Center and for the finca are replenished.

Climbing plants and blackberries

A recurring and necessary task is to free the citrus and avocado trees from creepers and blackberries. The blue blossoms of the morning glory vines and the beautiful exotic flowers and orange shining but unfortunately not edible fruits of the passion flower are wonderful to look at, but once they have ‚conquered‘ a tree, they suffocate it in the long run just like the ivy. So it is always a rewarding task to free the trees.


Our water depot is filled from the water of the stream, which is transported upwards with the help of a pump. Now in summer the water level of the stream is quite low, so we have built a dam to raise the water level at the intake point.

Overturned pines

Two overturned pine trees were sawn into handy pieces and transported over the stream to our wood processing point. A lot has to be done by hand in these impassable places, but as soon as this is possible we can use our small caterpillar vehicle, affectionately called Novi.

Refreshing in the natural pond

It is wonderful to cool down and refresh yourself after the sweaty work in our natural pond at the small waterfall, to watch butterflies and dragonflies dancing above the glittering water surface, to enjoy the murmur of the stream and the peace of the undisturbed nature.

Vegetable harvest

Now in July we have a rich harvest of bush beans, aubergines and peppers, even the tomatoes are already ripe. The harvest is so rich that we can freeze or preserve many things for the winter.

Our animals

In the heat of summer all our animals retreat into the shade and doze off most of the day. Unless we have honeydew melon for dessert. Then our little cat princess Leoni hurries up to claim her share.

If the temperature rises permanently above 30 degrees, even our extremely water-shy Franzi uses a filled bucket of water, which she knocks over with her snout, to wallow in the cool water.