November 2020

Natural stone stairs

Behind the house a large natural stone staircase leads to our water depot. Over time, it had become outdated; roots as thick as an arm had damaged it and lifted the steps so that it was not safe to climb the stairs. The roots were removed and the steps were rebuilt. And since one was already there, stair railings were also installed. Now it is safe to walk on the stairs again.
For many years, a makeshift made of old boards and pallets served us as a planting table. Now this provisional arrangement could finally be replaced by a stable planting table made of bricks. It is much more comfortable to work on it.

Vegetable harvest

This month we had a rich harvest of chayote, a vegetable plant from Central America. It is a member of the gourd family. It is a climbing plant that likes to climb up a hillside and also trees. If they live under the proper conditions, two or three plants are enough to produce a bountiful harvest. Just like squash, this vegetable can also be stored for a period of time.
We were also able to harvest various winter vegetables and lettuce this month.


Slowly, the avocado harvest is beginning, but it is very meager this year for no apparent reason.

Finca care

General finca care includes the annual pruning of trees. We started with the almond and apricot trees.


Our little dog Lotta has discovered a new passion. Full of joy she jumps into the pig enclosure and helps Franzi to eat. Unfortunately she can only hop in, she can’t get out on her own, so we have to help her out.


At the beginning of the month the community borders were closed because of Corona restrictions and a nightly curfew was imposed to counteract the spread of the virus.
The necessary things (like buying food for animals in the neighboring village) could be done, otherwise we were very domestic again.

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