December 2020

Yuccas – the next step

We had already reported about the yuccas here in September. Many of them were getting on in years, they had become too long, had to be cut back or had broken off due to their weight. As a result, a lot of yucca material accumulated in the last few weeks, which now had to be burnt as it cannot be chopped up. But burning is not so easy either, because the material still contains a certain amount of moisture. A big, well burning fire had to be started. So finally, in one week, all the material could be burnt.

Finca work

This month the avocado trees were pruned, also some vines could already be cut back.
For many years we have been following the lunar calendar for pruning the trees. This has proved successful. Particularly heavy pruning is received more kindly by the trees.
The tree cuttings from the apricot and almond trees were chopped.

Vegetable harvest

Cabbage, fennel, romanesco, Brussels sprouts could be harvested.

Fruit harvest

The mandarins also ripened and could be harvested.

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