March until May 2021


From March to May, we were busy with the so-called spring work on the finca. Tree cuttings were collected and chopped up with the shredder. Over-aged yucca trunks were sawn off and taken care of. But chopping and scything were also tasks that take up a lot of time in spring. Young plants were potted.

New trees

We also planted various trees: avocados, madronos (there are already some on our finca, but they are too far away from the house), pomegranate trees and hazelnut bushes.

Vegetable garden

In May we planted our vegetable garden: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, peppers, eggplants, bush and pole beans, pumpkins and melons. Our chayote plant, which bore so copiously last year, is starting to grow again. It is a plant that withdraws completely in winter and from spring onwards climbs up the terrace slope and into the fruit trees. In October it forms its fruits, which can be stored quite well for a few weeks.

Flowers for insects

We also planted many flowers with insects in mind. We want to give wild bees and other insects a rich food supply.
Our previous herb bed has been reworked and renewed.

Biodegradable cleaning agents

More and more we are changing our household cleaning products to biodegradable products. Some of them we produce ourselves with a lot of experimentation.


Upcycling also gives us a lot of room to experiment. Tetra Paks, which are used so often, are transformed into small bags or gift wrappings and much more. There are no limits to the imagination.

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