February 2021

Sweat lodge

Despite Corona restrictions, we feel very free on our finca as we have everything we need to live. This includes going to the sweat lodge, which we always enjoy doing – especially in winter. Now, too, we enjoy it very much – in relatively cool temperatures – to warm up first by the fire in which the stones are heated. In our small, yurt-like room it is a relief to come to rest while sweating and to get rid of everyday life. The subsequent immersion in the natural pond is pure relaxation. Unfortunately, this time we could only experience the sweat lodge among ourselves. Of course, it is much nicer to share this experience with others.

Tree pruning

The lemon and orange trees were pruned.
The avocado tree cuttings were chopped.

First plantings

Lettuces were planted in the gaps left by the harvested winter vegetables.
Three pomegranate trees were planted.


Our dog Lotta still likes to keep our pig Franzi company while Franzi eats. Meanwhile Lotta can jump out of the enclosure on her own again, maybe thanks to the additional power food (leftovers and cereal porridge).

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