January 2021

Winter vegetables

Fennel, beetroot, various types of cabbage and lettuce could be harvested.
Our own oranges and lemons provided the necessary vitamins, and avocados enriched the menu.

Finca care

More avocado trees and vines were cut.

Rain at last

In the middle of January there was finally rain. Within a few days it rained about 150 litres/square metre. The stream swelled very much.
This had also become urgently necessary, otherwise we would have had to irrigate because the last significant rain fell back in November.
During the rain, our cats mainly stayed in their hanging cat basket. They feel very comfortable there during the rainy season.

Corona time

Since November we have been living with severe restrictions again: a nightly curfew, severe contact restrictions.
For our finca, which is part of the non-profit Humanitao Foundation, this means that guests of the finca cannot visit and enjoy life there for a longer period of time, or even for a few days, and to help shape the cycles of ecological balance.

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